ReFresh: Recess for your Health!

ReFresh: Recess for your health, is a member health resource featuring practical information and easy-to-do exercises to explore during your breaks throughout the work day. ReFresh appears as a Member Update email every Wednesday, and in the Columns section of the BCPVPA eNews every Friday.



Weekly Member Updates

Jan 13: Attitude of Gratitude
Jan 20: Give Your Eyes a Break


Dec 2: Take 10 and escape!
Dec 9: STOP!
Dec 16: Dashing Through the Snow


Nov 4: Follow Your Nose – to Improving Brain Function!
Nov 12: Breathe to Relieve
Nov 18: Take a Break and Create!
Nov 25: Pause for an Important Cause – Preventative Care!

Oct 7: Stretching, for Tension Release
Oct 14:  You Need a ‘Time Out’!
Oct 21: Take a Break, and Hydrate!
Oct 28: Energize Your Engine