David DeRosa: Memories

September 14, 2018 Message to Members
This week was marked by remembrance for many of us. The 17th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy prompted conversations of “where were you when…?” and a fresh realization of how life can change without warning. It was my first week as a new VP in a middle school, and my youngest child…read more

David DeRosa: Back to School

September 7, 2018 Message to Members
I am hopeful that this message finds you still excited and energized after the first week back to school. My experience has been that social media can present new challenges and opportunities to those of us in educational leadership roles, but this week it truly shines a positive light on the excitement of back to…read more

Podcast interview with John Tyler

This week, I sat down with New Westminster Secondary Principal John Tyler. John is a member of the BCPVPA Technology Committee, has been instrumental in launching the recent professional learning webinar series and is the author of the recently released book, Networked Youth: What Every Parent Needs to Know about Online Behaviour.  In this episode John and Kevin talk about…read more

Outside the comfort zone

With the encouragement and support of my daughter I recently joined a CrossFit gym as she had done the same. In addition, fellow Board member Darren Danyluk took up CrossFit a few years ago and he has been my role model as I continually bother him with questions and ask him to share his stories of how he…read more

Podcast interview with Woody Bradford

In this blog post I share the first BCPVPA Podcast, a conversation I had with Woody Bradford, BCPVPA, Manager, Professional Learning and, effective July, Assistant Superintendent, Langley School District.



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