BCPVPA 2021 Spring Webinars

A Candid Conversation About Race: Centering Anti-Racism Work in Cultural Humility
with Beth Applewhite, Kenneth Headley and James Morton

Thursday, February 11 4:00 – 5:00 pm PST  | View Webinar Information & Speaker Bios

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BCPVPA 2020-2021 Fall Webinar Series

Trauma-Informed Practice with Myrna McCallum

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Myrna McCallum is the host of the trauma-informed lawyer podcast. She is a former prosecutor and adjudicator who does workplace investigations and training as well as coaching on trauma-informed advocacy. In this webinar, Myrna introduced participants to trauma-informed practice and cultural humility within the context of education and the need for resilience strategies especially in these trying times.



Moving: A Memoir of Education and Social Mobility with Andy Hargreaves
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Andy Hargreaves is Director of CHENINE (Change, Engagement and Innovation in Education at the University of Ottawa), Research Professor in the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College and holds Visiting or Honorary Professorships at Hong Kong University, Swansea University, and the University of Stavanger in Norway. He is Past President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement, Commissioning Editor for the Journal of Professional Capital and Community, recent Adviser in Education to the Premier of Ontario and currently to the First Minister of Scotland. He is co-founder and President of the ARC Education Project: a group of nations committed to broadly defined excellence, equity, wellbeing, inclusion, democracy and human rights in education.

Andy has consulted with the OECD, the World Bank, governments, universities and teacher unions worldwide. Andy’s more than 30 books have attracted multiple Outstanding Writing Awards – including the prestigious 2015 Grawemeyer Award in Education for Professional Capital (with Michael Fullan). He has been honoured with the 2016 Horace Mann Award in the US and the Robert Owen Award in Scotland for services to public education. Andy is ranked by Education Week in the top 20 scholars with most influence on US education policy debate. In 2015, Boston College gave him its Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award. He holds Honorary Doctorates from the Education University of Hong Kong and the University of Uppsala in Sweden. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His most recent book is Moving: a Memoir of Education and Social Mobility (Solution Tree, 2020).


Personal Alignment: Balancing and Enjoying Life with Work with Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe
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Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is a multi-award-winning psychology and education instructor who specializes in resiliency, navigating stress and change, and personal wellness in the workplace. Described as transformational, engaging, and thought-provoking, Hanley-Dafoe’s keynotes provide practical strategies, grounded in global research and case studies, that help foster resiliency within ourselves and others.

As the senior educational developer for the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Trent University, Hanley-Dafoe focuses on providing professional development for the teaching community and cultivating student engagement. She is committed to finding innovative solutions for creating positive learning relationships and environments for both students and teachers. Hanley-Dafoe has also been a psychology instructor and researcher at Trent for more than 13 years.

Hanley-Dafoe’s work is inspired by her interest in resiliency and wellness including the intersections of stress, optimal challenge, navigating change, goal-setting, and personal alignment.

Celebrating and Leading with Intention as a Principal/Vice Principal with Karen Power
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Calling all leaders: Leading in these uncertain times takes great courage and strength. Never has ‘leading with intention’ been more important! Give yourself the gift of an hour to reflect and re-examine your focus and priorities as a school leader. Create an understanding of what ‘leading with intention’ means for school leaders at all levels. Examine effective habits that create a positive mindset as you create and sustain a community focused on learning. Reflect and practice with tools and resources for implementing focused daily leadership actions. Build on lessons learned during these challenging days. And… celebrate your successes!

Learning Intentions:

  • Reflect on personal, daily leadership behaviors and strategies used this year to increase intentionality and focus.
  • Examine effective habits that create a positive mindset as you create and/or sustain a community focused on learning.
  • Use guiding questions to celebrate, identify challenges and consider next steps.

About Karen Power

Karen Power is a consultant and a former teacher, Principal, superintendent, and senior advisor (DOE) for professional learning and leadership. Karen worked in New Brunswick until 2012 when she joined the Solution Tree team as an independent consultant, providing coaching and leadership support to schools and districts throughout Canada and the United States.

Karen primarily provides leadership coaching and supports low performing schools and districts in implementing collaborative, school improvement structures and processes to meet the needs of students. Karen is the coauthor of Leading With Intention: 8 Areas for Reflection and Planning in Your PLC at Work and has recently edited a Canadian edition of Solution Tree’s Learning by Doing. Karen writes a weekly school improvement blog (www.karenpower.blog) and is currently working on two additional books for school leadership.



BCPVPA 2019-2020 Online Webinar Series

Zoom Webinar with Dr. Hagar Goldberg
Topic: It (Still) Takes a Village – A Neuroscience Perspective on the Teacher Educator-Student Relationship in Times of Social-Distancing
View the recorded webinar here. 

Webinar Overview:
COVID-19 raised the levels of stress and uncertainty in our society. Our students may be immune to the Coronavirus, but they are extremely vulnerable to the stress the pandemic generates. In this webinar, Dr. Goldberg will talk about the effects of stress on the developing brain, why some students are more vulnerable than others, and the impact of an educator’s presence in fighting the toxic stress.

About Dr. Goldberg
Dr. Goldberg is a Neuroscientist at the department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education at UBC. Hagar is passionate about leveraging brain-science in educational settings to support students’ learning, development and well being. Hagar’s main focus is social-emotional development.

In her research, she has studied the behavioural and neuronal mechanisms of empathy, creativity, and human perception of social-emotions. She believes that social and emotional education is key for children’s healthy development and thrive. This belief drives both her academic studies and her practical work with educators, students, and as a parent. She established SEEN (www.hagargoldberg-seen.com) to transform education by integrating neuroscience-based social-emotional learning in schools.


Zoom Webinar with Peter DeWitt
May 14, 2020
Topic: Using a Program Logic Model Approach During COVID-19
View the recorded webinar here.

Webinar Overview:
Now more than ever, school leaders and teachers need to take a moment to reflect on the last few weeks of virtual learning being provided to students. We have all gone through the 5 stages of grief when providing online learning opportunities, and it’s time to begin to finding ways to deepen the learning opportunities being provided. In this one hour webinar, Peter DeWitt, Ed.D. will take participants through a program logic model approach, and help participants find their present most needed area of improvement.

Learning Intention – Participants will learn about Program logic models, which are research-based methods of guiding leadership teams through any improvement process.
Success Criteria – Participants will be able to take the program logic model approach and use it to help deepen the impact of the virtual learning taking place in their schools.

About Peter
Peter DeWitt (Ed.D) is a former K-5 teacher (11 years) and principal (8 years). He runs workshops and provides keynotes nationally and internationally focusing on collaborative and instructional leadership, as well as fostering inclusive school climates.


Zoom Webinar with Mark Greenberg
When: May 21, 2020 4:00PM PST (7:00PM EST)
Topic: Nurturing School-Wide SEL: Principals Are the Key
View the webinar notes and the referenced CASEL Guide.

About Mark
Mark Greenberg, Ph.D. is the Emeritus Bennett Chair of Prevention Science in Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development and he is the Founding Director of the Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Human Development. He is the author of over 350 journal articles and book chapters on the development of well-being, learning and the effects of prevention efforts on children and families. He is a Founding Board Member of the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).



Zoom Webinar with Shane Safir
When: May 28, 2020
Topic: Listening for Equity: Reaching Students & Families at the Margins
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Webinar Overview:
In this interactive webinar, we’ll think about how we can listen and lead for equity in this pandemic. We will explore a powerful metaphor from Chapter 3 of The Listening Leader and explore a framework for rethinking data through the lens of equity and reaching students at the margins. Shane will offer concrete ideas for gathering equity data right now that informs planning for the fall. It is recommended that participants read Chapters 1 and 3 of The Listening Leader in advance if possible.

About Shane
For more than 20 years, Shane Safir has worked at every level of the school system, from the classroom to the boardroom. In 2003 she became the founding principal of June Jordan School for Equity (JJSE) in San Francisco, an innovative national model identified by scholar Linda Darling-Hammond as having beaten the odds in supporting the success of low-income students of color.

Shane has provided coaching and professional development for schools, districts, and organizations across the country and in Canada. She facilitates workshops on equity leadership development, culturally responsive education, instructional leadership, coaching, and facilitating adult learning. A change agent at heart, with a passion for cultivating student voice and agency, Shane is the author of The Listening Leader: Creating the Conditions for Equitable School Transformation (Wiley 2017) and is currently hard at work on her next book, Street Data: How the Information We Need Will Lead Us to Equity (Corwin Press 2021). To learn more, visit Shane at www.shanesafir.com.


Zoom Webinar with Dr. Fei Wang
When: Thurs, Jun 4, 2020
Topic: BC Principals’ Work and Well-being: What They Say and Why it Matters
See the webinar notes

View the recorded webinar

Webinar Overview
What do BC Principals say about their work and well-being? Why does it matter? This webinar highlights some of the key findings from the BC Principals’ Work and Well-being survey that was completed on November 12, 2019. This webinar presents Principals’ perceptions of their own work and well-being and how various types of well-being (including physical, emotional, cognitive, social, psychological, and spiritual) are affected by draining situations encountered at work. This webinar also delves into some coping strategies that could be used to alleviate the unsustainable challenges that Principals face on a daily basis.

About Dr. Fei Wang
Dr. Fei Wang is an associate professor at the Faculty of Education, the University of British Columbia (UBC). He earned his PhD in educational leadership and administration at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). His research interests include educational leadership and administration, social justice and diversity, educational organization and policy studies, and international and comparative education. His recent research involves four major areas: a) Principals’ strategic leadership and The Art of War (funded by SSHRC IDG); b) Principals’ subversive leadership (funded by UBC Hampton Award); c) school Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ work and well-being in British Columbia and Ontario (funded by SSHRC Insight); and d) leadership challenges in cross-cultural contexts, such as offshore schools (funded by UBC HSS Seed Grant). He teaches graduate courses on educational leadership, organizational studies, aims of education, educational policy studies, and the role of the school Principal.


Webinar with Dr. Simon Breakspear
June 11th 2020
Topic: Building Back Better: How School Leaders Can Harness New Ways of Working to Redesign a ‘New’ Normal for Learning

View the recorded webinar.

See presentation notes and the School Innovation Snapshot document.

Webinar Overview
Dr. Simon Breakspear has been partnering with schools and systems globally to help them navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and come out stronger on the other side. In this dynamic 45-minute webinar, Simon will provide practical guidance on how to lead your team and school through a simple 3-step process of organisational learning and renewal.

Together we explored how to:

  • Avoid a snap-back to old habits and patterns of practice
  • Identify how the pressure of COVID-19 may have helped your staff to rethink old assumptions about learning, teaching and collaboration
  • Lead a clearer process of learning from the new innovations that have emerged in your context and beyond
  • Find ways of sustaining new ways of working into a new and better normal
  • Develop organisational agility to thrive in response to uncertain future challenges

About Dr. Simon Breakspear
Dr. Simon Breakspear is a researcher, advisor and speaker on educational leadership, policy and change. He is a Research Fellow at the Gonski Institute at UNSW. Over the last decade, his speaking and leadership development work has given him the opportunity to work with over 100,000 educators across 10 countries.

Simon develops frameworks and tools that make evidence-based ideas actionable and easy to understand. His AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP program enables school leadership teams across Australia to effectively implement for impact within their unique educational context. Simon’s innovative approach to teacher professional learning, Teaching Sprints, is used by thousands of educators across the planet to enhance their expertise and engage with relevant research evidence.

Simon is a trusted strategic advisor to educational system leaders in the areas of policy implementation, school leadership development and evidence-informed practice. He serves as an advisor to the NSW Department of Education School Leadership Institute, the Australia Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and the Ontario Principals’ Council international school leadership program.



BCPVPA October 2019 Webinar Series
Four of BC’s most influential educators share words of inspiration for school leaders and their teams in this series of webinars
that follow the release of the “Leading Student Success” video series, October 8-17, 2019.

Register for these webinars:

Brad Baker
Indigenous Education

Tuesday October 22, 4:00pm
How do Principals and Vice-Principals continue to enhance the learning environment for all learners regarding Indigenous Education? Understand the Three Pathways of Indigenous Education and how vital they are to leadership.
Watch the Webinar on YouTube

Faye Brownlie
Literacy Education
Wednesday October 23, 4:00pm
Literacy is the key that unlocks doors. Literacy is about thinking – making meaning and thinking creatively. By providing guidance, educators can increase their students’ connection to the text and deepen their understanding, engagement and motivation for reading.
Watch the Webinar on YouTube

Shelley Moore
Diversity Education
Tuesday October 29, 4:00pm
In this webinar, Shelley Moore looks at how the goals of inclusion have continued to shift and evolve as we learn more about diversity and identity. We will reflect on the next steps for advocacy, celebration, and plans for action.

Dr. Linda Kaser and Dr. Judy Halbert
Wednesday October 30, 4:00pm
The inquiry leadership practices of BC and Yukon leaders are system changing not only in Canada but around the world. The webinar will address this question: What are the top five practices that outstanding inquiry leaders do to inspire adults to be curious about getting stronger learner outcomes? Drs. Kaser and Halbert will draw on the work in BC and the Yukon as well as the work in England, Catalonia/Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Kenya and Canadian schools in China. They will also highlight a new and very useful just published Playbook that will help formal leaders, teachers and young people in their decision-making lives.

BCPVPA April 2019 Webinar Series

This series is available on the BCPVPA YouTube channel.

Recorded Tuesday April 16, 4:00 pm
Mentoring & Coaching: Powerful Conversations
Henry Au and Alison Davies

Watch the Webinar on YouTube

The conversations we have with colleagues every day are opportunities to explore and strengthen professional judgement leading towards desired results and greater self-efficacy. This webinar will examine the qualities of powerful mentor/coach conversations, present a framework for effective conversations and offer examples of impactful questions that help colleagues learn from difficult issues as they arise. We will discuss the dispositions and skills important to such conversations, and in particular the challenges in making space for intentional conversations in highly demanding workplaces.

Henry Au has been a learning leader with the Vancouver School Board since 2013, and prior to that he was an educator in the independent school system for more than 15 years.

Alison Davies has an Education Masters in Curriculum Studies from SFU and has been an elementary teacher since 1990. Alison led the New Teacher Mentoring Project, a joint project of the BCTF, UBC and the BCSSA, from 2012-2017, and has served as coordinator of the BCPVPA Mentorship Program since its inception in 2017.

Recorded Thursday April 18, 7:30 am
Indigenous Transitions: Improving Transitions for Indigenous Learners through Collaborative Inquiry
Dr. Catherine McGregor

Watch the Webinar on YouTube

From 2016-2018, 10 educator teams from across BC engaged in a deep exploration of how to better support their Indigenous learners, particularly examining what we call ‘transition points’, places and times where learners are at risk of losing their connection to schooling and educational success. In this webinar, Dr. McGregor relates some of the powerful learning of the educator teams and shares a summary of the principles the teams used along with the context of the work for school leaders across BC.

Dr. Catherine McGregor currently serves as Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria. Her research is in the area of leadership, and she is particularly interested in investigating the role leaders can play in schools and communities that enable socially just and transformational change, creating equity and inclusive learning environments.

Recorded Tuesday April 23, 4:00 pm
Chapter Transitions: The New BC Societies Act and the Benefits of Incorporation
Carol Powell and Kevin Reimer

Watch the Webinar on YouTube

BCPVPA’s Carol Powell and Kevin Reimer invite members to learn more about the recent changes to the Societies Act and how that may impact Chapters around the province. While the BCPVPA’s recent work on Chapter governance focused on supporting the incorporation of BCPVPA Chapters who were transitioning from the former Society Act (B.C.) to the Societies Act (B.C.), during this process we realized that other BCPVPA Chapters may be interested in the benefits of incorporation as a B.C. society. Carol and Kevin will share with participants the benefits of incorporation as well as an overview of the model Constitution and Bylaws that Chapters can use as a template when modernizing their own Constitutions and Bylaws.

Carol Powell is a CPA, CGA, and recently celebrated 30 years with the BCPVPA as Manager, Finance.

Kevin Reimer is the BCPVPA Executive Director. Kevin has served as a teacher, Adult Education Principal, and Vice-Principal and Principal since 1998 in Delta and the Comox Valley, and is a former Director and President of the BCPVPA.

Recorded Wednesday, April 24th 4:00 pm
Foundry: Why to Connect and the Work that Foundry is Doing
Skye Barbic and Pam Liversidge

Watch the Webinar on YouTube

Foundry is a Canadian first: a network of centers that offer primary care, mental health care, addictions support, peer support and social services to BC youth ages 12-24. In this webinar, Skye Barbic and Pam Liversidge introduce the mission and vision of Foundry and outline the services, support and the resources & tools for people working in school communities to learn more about supporting student mental wellness.

Skye Barbic is the Foundry Head Scientist, Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia and a member of the Federal Minister of Health’s Mental Health Advisory Council. Skye has 16 years of clinical experience as an occupational therapist working with youth and young adults with mental illness and substance use disorders.

Pam Liversidge is the Foundry Executive Director. Pam brings 18 years of strategic level policy experience within the social sector, and worked previously in the provincial government to develop province-wide strategies in Aboriginal housing, child welfare, physician compensation and mental health and substance use.

Recorded Thursday April 25, 7:30am
Focus Schools: Collaboration and School Teams
Kevin Brand, Olivia Densmore, Kerri Steel and Laura Tait

Watch the Webinar on YouTube

The goal of Focus Schools is to increase literacy achievement for our struggling learners. Collaborative school teams, driven by a deep understanding of our students and their needs, work to implement tiered models of support to enhance the social-emotional wellness of all students. In this webinar, the Nanaimo Team explores the many levels of support required to make Focus Schools successful.

Kevin Brand is currently the Principal of Bayview Elementary in Nanaimo and served for four years as a Principal in both Ladysmith and Fort Rupert (Port Hardy).

Olivia Densmore is a teacher who prioritizes student engagement, assessment-informed practices and teacher collaboration. She currently works in Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools as a Literacy Coordinator.

Kerri Steel is currently the Principal of Ladysmith Intermediate School and has served as the Vice Principal of Cedar Elementary and Cedar Secondary Schools, and the District Principal of Learning for the Qualicum School District.

Laura Tait is currently an Assistant Superintendent in the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools. Laura is Tsimshian from Prince Rupert and her mother is from the village of Lax Kw’Alaams. She was born into the Eagle Clan.


BCPVPA  and the Ministry of Education: March 2019 Webinar Mini-Series

This Webinar Mini-Series is available on the BCPVPA YouTube channel.

1. BC Training and Education Savings Program (BCTESP) Grant
Recorded Thursday March 7, 4:00pm

Watch the Webinar on YouTube

The $1,200 BC Training and Education Savings Program (BCTESP) grant for BC children was launched in 2015. The webinar will provide details about who is eligible and how to receive the grant. The Ministry of Education will share its plans for promoting the grant to families in the coming year and is seeking feedback and suggestions from school administrators.

The webinar will be led by Nancy Needham, Sr. Policy Analyst with the Student Certification Branch. Nancy has been working at the Ministry of Education since 2011, and is the program lead for BCTESP and the Provincial Scholarship Program.

2. Student Information Systems
Recorded Thursday March 14, 4:00pm

Watch the Webinar on YouTube

BC Ministry of Education staff will present updates on Student Information Systems including TRAX, StudentTranscript Services, MyEducation BC, Graduation Assessments and the new Student Data Exchange.

The webinar will be led by Ministry consultant Bert Van Der Geest, Project Director for the Integrated Student Data portfolio of projects; Linda Dun, Manager, Graduation and Certification; and Christine Lervold, Director My Education BC Operations


BCPVPA Webinar Series – Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Webinars are available on the BCPVPA YouTube channel.

Understanding your Personal Services Contract

This webinar is presented by BCPVPA Managers of Contract/Legal, Don Boyd and Warren Hicks. This webinar is aimed to help principals and vice-principals develop a general understanding of their personal services contract, key components of their contract and their fiduciary responsibilities as agents of their Boards of Trustees.

Watch the Webinar on YouTube


Taking Care of Your Personal Wellbeing

Presented by President Jack MacNeill and Vice-President Wade Repta of humanworks. humanworks has had a long association with the BCPVPA supporting the health and wellness needs of principals and vice-principals. Jack and Wade’s presentation will offer participants some important reminders on how to make their wellbeing a priority in their lives.

Watch the Webinar on YouTube


BetterEducate – A Dynamic Tool for School Leaders

Presented by BCPVPA President David DeRosa, this webinar is intended to highlight some of the important features in BetterEducate and to showcase some of the recently added functionality. The BCPVPA continues to work with the BetterEducate developers to create a dynamic platform that allows educators to connect, network and learn from each other.

Watch the Webinar on YouTube


Understanding and Accessing Benefits Supports

Presented by Ingrid Gallier of Morneau Shepell this webinar is intended to provide an overview of the benefits plans of principals and vice-principals and how to access a range of supports within the plan.

Watch the Webinar on YouTube


Leading an Effective Decision-Making Process

Presented by BCPVPA Managers of Professional Learning, Liz Bell and Jessica Antosz along with Dr. Bruce Beairsto. The webinar will introduce the elements of a tool kit of PDF files that can be used in a variety of ways to improve a group’s ability to understand each other, resolve differences and make good decisions. The entire toolkit is posted on BetterEducate.

Watch the Webinar on YouTube